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Django-Ready Server in 3 clicks

GreenDeploy removes all the fat from your configuration steps by using battle-tested playbooks and server images.

Calm and Composed

All your favorite providers without the headache

Web development has many moving parts. Grow your product without growing the complexity. GreenDeploy integrates with major providers such as GitHub using their APIs.

More focus, lower overhead, better alignment.

Deploy faster

Get started in no time and stop reinventing the wheel

We provide boilerplate server configuration for everything a Django app needs

1 Click to Start

We have a 1-click button that creates new servers in your cloud account. Those servers are still yours even if you leave us.

SSL Certificates

We automate your SSL certificate renewal via Let's Encrypt. So they're always free of charge.

Optimized for Django

We build GreenDeploy using Django v3.2 and the same Ansible playbooks we use for your server config.


Configuring servers is important and unavoidable part of a developer's life. The process is multi-step, error-prone, and time-consuming.

I've found the best practices and made them into boilerplates to save myself time and avoid anguish.

GreenDeploy is my way for fellow Django developers to benefit from my experience.

Kimsia Sim

Developer and Business Owner. 60% of his revenue comes from Django apps.

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